Italy - is one of the European countries, where students come from all around the world. Why do most choose this country? The explanation is quite simple - a high level of education in relatively low tuition. For comparison, it should be said that education in Germany or the United Kingdom is much more expensive.

One may think what is the difference between studying in the home country rather than moving abroad to study the same course when it is readily available in their country. With the world continuously shrinking and with the best colleges and universities offering their courses at the doorstep of the student, there are numerous reasons why students choose higher education in Italy.

Here are some advantages that Italian public universities may offer to you:

1. High quality academic programs which are internationally recognized.
2. Possibility of utilizing visa-free travel to the EU countries.
3. Possibility to obtain a regional scholarship for students with a low family income.
4. Unique scholarships and funding opportunities for all.
5. Very low tuition fee which depends on family income ranging €300 to €2000.
6. Right to work 20 hours a week.
7. Opportunity to continue their studies in any university in Europe.
8. Wonderful climate.

1- Complete your documents in requested format. Please use the GUIDE
2- Complete application form and choose your degree.
4- We will send your admission letter by email. You will have to contact Italian Embassy in your city or country to do the pre-enrolment step before the deadline and get your student visa. 
1How do I start my application process?
All you will need to do is to complete our online application form. We will apply for your choice of interest in our partner universities and will provide you with your admission letter. All will be done absolutely for free.
2Tuition fee system in Italy
On average the governmental universities have a tuition fee ranging €5,00 to €3,000 Euros. Lower the family income is less the students has to pay as tuition fee. If family income is less than € 6,000 per person the tuition fee will be € 800 Per academic year.
3Scholarships and financial aid
All international students are entitled to the same student assistance services as Italian students, on basis of the same requisites of financial means and/or merit. This applies to scholarships, student loans, housing assistance, refectory meal tickets and fee waivers.
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