The University in figures • 39.000 Students • 1335 Academics • 980 Administrative • 112 Degree courses (Bachelor, Master and one cycle)

Each year more than 3000 students enroll in Tor Vergata. The university has 477 bilateral agreements all over the world. For example, we can mention Harvard University (UK) University of Oxford (UK), and George Washington University (USA).

The town of Tor Vergata is a small town of 6000 residents in the suburb of the city of Rome and is only 20 km away. Therefore, this unique situation (i.e. being close to Rome and being in the tranquility and easiness of a town simultaneously) makes it one of the best choices for students as the University of Tor Vergata competes with other two public universities of Rome and Sapienza, and it has a high quality of education. Traveling to Rome and back only takes around 20 minutes by train and it costs only 1.50 Euros.

The city enjoys almost all the facilities in Rome the capital city,  such as the historical sites, the political and social status, the weather, etc. The city enjoys an excellent public transportation system and Mediterranean weather ranging from a minimum of 3 degrees centigrade to a maximum of 30 degrees year-round.

Bachelor’s Degree 

Global Governance

Business Administration

Business and Economics

Engineering Sciences


Master’s Degree

Business Administration


European Economy and Business Law


Physical Activity and Health Promotion

Medicine and Surgery

European History

Mathematical Engineering


Physics for Instrumentation and Technology

There are different options to choose from for transportation between Rome and Tor Vergata. The most common is a bus which is 1.5 Euro per trip.

If you want to book a room outside the university campus, the renting rooms range between 300 to 350 Euros per month (without other maintenance expenses such as gas, electricity, etc.).

If you choose to stay at the university dormitory:

Single Room: about 18 square meters, consisting of one room with a single bed, a desk with swivel chair, a private bathroom, refrigerator, and kitchenette with microwave, no stoves – € 580 (1 month), € 530 (2/5 months), € 480 (6/ 11 months), € 450 (12 months)

Single Room in Double Apartment: the three-roomed apartment (38 sqm) with the exclusive use of a single room (9 sqm), shared bathroom, and living room (15 sqm) with a dining table, a sofa, and a kitchenette with double gas stove, microwave, and refrigerator – € 520 ( 1 month), € 490 (2/ 5 months), € 450 (6/ 11 months), 415 (12 months)

Single Room in Double Angular Apartment: three-roomed apartment (46 sqm) with the exclusive use of a single room (10 sqm), shared bathroom, and living area (about 21 square meters) consisting of a dining table, a sofa and a kitchenette with double gas stove, microwave and refrigerator – € 550 (1 month) , € 510( 2/5 months), € 465 (6/ 11 months), € 440 (12 months).

Double Apartment: two-room apartment (38 sqm) consisting of a small entrance hall, shared bedroom (15 sqm), private bathroom, and a large living room (16 sqm) with a kitchenette with double gas stove, microwave, and refrigerator – € 840 (1 month), € 810 (2/ 5 months old), € 790 (6/ 11 months), € 730 (12 months).

Double Apartment for single use: € 770 (1 month), € 730 (2/ 5 months old), € 710 (6/ 11 months), € 680 (12 months).


Free: Wi-Fi, Parking, Study Rooms, 24-hour Reception and Security Service.

Paid: room cleaning service and linen change (curtains and kitchen utensils are not available), coin-operated laundry with dryer, dry cleaner, recording studio, and gym. The Campus also has a convenience store and two dining areas: the restaurant /pizzeria Campus X and the pub/fast food

The facility offers a shuttle service that links the Campus with all the University of Tor Vergata’s faculties and reaches Anagnina metro station too. Ticket prices:

– € 70 – from 10 to 12 months contracts

– € 10 per month – from  3 to 9  months contracts

– € 20 per month – from 1 to 2 months contracts

– € 2 – daily ticket

The entire amount (depending on the contract) for the SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE must be paid upon your check-in at the Campus.

In our restaurant student menùs are available.

For more information, please visit the university’s website

If you want to make a reservation, please provide:

– Arrival date

– Departure date

– Name of the future resident

– Attach a copy of the identity card + tax code

– University documentation

Prices include all utilities except for the electricity and the air conditioning during summer (activated only at the customer’s request).

Terms of payment:

Campus X requires a one-month advance + 2 months security deposit. The latter will be returned by bank transfer at the end of the stay, and it can’t be used to make any monthly payments.

Campus X also requires a € 150 deposit (not refundable) to be paid within 10 days from the booking, which otherwise will be deleted.