All documents prepared for admission should be in the requested format, if not, we will not be able to process your file.

1. Each uploaded file should be less than 8 MB.

2. All documents should be legible.

3. Documents should be saved in PDF format.

4. CV and SOP should be prepared as mentioned in Guide.

Download CV Sample

Guide for how to work and create PDF documents.

When you prepare documents for Italystudy, you should merge all pages of ONE documents together. For example, all pages of your transcrip of Bachelor’s degree should be merged in ONE SINGLE PDF file.

Please follow the pictures:

1. Go to


2. To convert each file to PDF, please choose the right item on the website. For example, to convert scanned document which are usually in JPEG, you should choose JPEG to PDF.


3. You should select CHOOSE FILE, then upload pages of ONE document (for example your transcript) then click on OPEN


4. Here you can change the order of the pages you have uploaded. The order is LEFT to RIGHT. Make sure these items are selected, A4, Auto, No margin. After all documents are uploaded and you have made sure they are all in right order, Please press CREATE PDF NOW.


5. Now, you can Download the file in your system.


6. Choose the right name for each file.


Continue the same procedure for other documents like passport, proposal and etc.

7. Please upload the PDF file in the right field on your application form.